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Aircraft Available  for Training and Solo

Airplane LSA

  • Carson City Airport, KCXP
    • The Aircraft Factory Sling N288SL
  • Reno-Lake Tahoe International Airport, KRNO (we fly from Carson CXP to Reno 30 minute round trip)
    • The Aircraft Factory Sling N288SL

Weight-Shift Control LSA Trike For Training

Evolution Revo with 100 HP Rotax fuel injected engine (see images in Hang Gliding Tahoe)

  • Carson City Airport, KCXP
    • Evolution Revo 912S 100 HP with Rival S 12.4 strutted wing
  • Reno-Lake Tahoe International Airport, KRNO (we fly from Carson CXP to Reno 40 minute round trip)
    • Evolution Revo 912S 100 HP with Rival S 12.4 strutted wing.

Aircraft Available For Rent to Meet Solo Requirements

Airplane LSA

The Airplane Factory Sling front top view profileThe Airplane Factory “Sling” is our new featured/preferred Light-Sport Aircraft. I have personally flown and chosen it because it has all the best of the best attributes for LSA. Best handling, Rotax 912iS fuel injected engine, low wing so you can see where you are going, modern glass digital panels, slide back canopy and many more enhancements. This can be purchased as a certified commercial aircraft or a kit built aircraft.  Now my favorite LSA airplane.

The Aircraft Factory Sling Instrument panel.

Sling seating, baggage, panel wit288SLh custom leather seats.

The Airplane Factory Sling Leather Seats

Another view of the sling in a turn. A real airplane.

The Airplane Factory Sling front top over water


For Solo rental, the student/or pilot must obtain aircraft “renter’s insurance, which is typically required for most rental aircraft to fly solo and rent aircraft as a pilot after a sport or private pilot license is issued or for any pilot flying the aircraft. The insurance is usually good for a year and is applicable to student solo, sport and private pilot use. Popular renter’s insurance is available from these sources:

We require limits of liability for bodily injury/property damage $250,000 each occurrence/$2500 per passenger and mandatory $20,000 hull damage to non-owned aircraft for the first $20,000 of any accident for loss of use and aircraft repair. After $20,000 the airplane insurance kicks in for any further damage/repair.

Weight-Shift Control LSA Trike

We have a WSC trike available for rental to solo in. This is unique since there typically are no WSC trikes for rent in the country. You can only rent a special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA), but not an experimental light-sport aircraft (E-LSA).

The process of renting is similar to the airplane above but for renters insurance you must obtain aircraft hull damage coverage for the full value of the WSC trike $50,000 from the companies listed above for airplane AOPA or AVEMCO.

For renters coming in to rent this trike and not part of our training program, you must do a check flight and be able to demonstrate all the flight maneuvers within tolerance, JUST LIKE A CHECKRIDE OR PROFICIENCY CHECK flight. This is at least a minimum 90 minute flight to get checked out. No exceptions.

Additionally you can purchase a S-LSA trike to be trained in and solo in, or can buy an E-LSA and be trained in it, as well as solo in it. If you did not buy a trike to be trained in, then when you are ready to solo is the time to buy a trike or you can rent our trike. After your initial training, you are educated enough to be an informed buyer.

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