LSA Pilot Training provides information on flight training, ground school, and accelerated training programs for pilots and flight instructors flying Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) – sport airplanes and weight-shift control microlight trikes.

Pilot Training Time & Cost

Time it takes and cost for a pilot license, proficiency check, or accelerated flight training program with Paul Hamilton at Sport Aviation Center LLC in Carson City, Nevada. Read More

Become a Sport Pilot – Getting Started – Steps

Are you new to aviation and want to be a Sport Pilot and fly Light-Sport Aircraft? Learn how to get started flying LSA and the steps to take to acquire Sport Pilot privileges. Read More

Become a Private Pilot

Are you a Sport Pilot applicant (or a Sport Pilot student in training) who wants to transition from a Sport Pilot certificate to a Private Pilot license? Or, are you a Private Pilot student and want to utilize your Private Pilot training to obtain a Sport Pilot certificate? Learn about the differences between Sport Pilot and Private Pilot. Also, get an overview of Sport Pilot To Private Pilot transition. Read More

Downgrade or Transition to Light-Sport Aircraft

Are you already a private, commercial, or ATP pilot and want to transition to a new category such as trike or try a new and different form of aviation that is less expensive, more fun or different? Read More

Add Category/Class or Speed Endorsement

Do you want to add a Category/ Class to your pilot certificate, such as sport or private pilot airplane adding additional category sport pilot weight-shift control trike, or add a speed endorsement above or below 87 knots/100 MPH your Sport Pilot Certificate? Read More

Become a Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor (CFIS)

Are you a Sport or Private Pilot and want to teach Sport Pilots to fly airplane or weight-shift aircraft trike LSA? Want to learn how to acquire Sport Pilot CFI Privileges? Read More

Sport Pilot Instructor Privileges for CFI & CFIS

Are you a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and want to teach, Sport Pilot applicants to fly Light Sport Aircraft – fixed-wing aircraft (airplane) or weight-shift control aircraft (trike)? Read More

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