LSA Pilot Training provides information on flight training, ground school, and accelerated training programs for pilots and flight instructors flying Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) – sport airplanes and weight-shift control microlight trikes.

Pilot Training Time & Cost

Time it takes and cost for a pilot license, proficiency check, or accelerated flight training program with Paul Hamilton at Sport Aviation Center LLC in Carson City, Nevada.


Become a Sport Pilot – Getting Started – Steps

Are you new to aviation and want to be a Sport Pilot and fly Light-Sport Aircraft? Learn how to get started flying LSA and the steps to take to acquire Sport Pilot privileges.


Become a Private Pilot

Are you a Sport Pilot applicant (or a Sport Pilot student in training) who wants to transition from a Sport Pilot certificate to a Private Pilot license? Or, are you a Private Pilot student and want to utilize your Private Pilot training to obtain a Sport Pilot certificate? Learn about the differences between Sport Pilot and Private Pilot. Also, get an overview of Sport Pilot To Private Pilot transition.


Downgrade or Transition to Light-Sport Aircraft

Are you already a private, commercial, or ATP pilot and want to transition to a new category such as trike or try a new and different form of aviation that is less expensive, more fun or different?


Add Category/Class or Speed Endorsement

Do you want to add a Category/ Class to your pilot certificate, such as sport or private pilot airplane adding additional category sport pilot weight-shift control trike, or add a speed endorsement above or below 87 knots/100 MPH your Sport Pilot Certificate?


Become a Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor (CFIS)

Are you a Sport or Private Pilot and want to teach Sport Pilots to fly airplane or weight-shift aircraft trike LSA? Want to learn how to acquire Sport Pilot CFI Privileges?


Sport Pilot Instructor Privileges for CFI & CFIS

Are you a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and want to teach, Sport Pilot applicants to fly Light Sport Aircraft – fixed-wing aircraft (airplane) or weight-shift control aircraft (trike)?

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